Monthly Archives: October 2010

166: Here’s Season 6

Season 6


  • Here now is season 6!
  • Quiet summer, audio-wise
  • We’re less picky on audio now
  • A crapload of updates
  • Guest hosts next week
  • PAB conference videos available on the PAB site

Help us celebrate the 6th season of CPB by participating in
“The Canadian National Day of Podcasting”

  • December 1st 2010!
  • Put out a show!
  • dormant? retired? doesn’t matter – do it!
  • Don’t invent anything, just do a show like you used to
  • Reach out to old producers, get them in on it
  • Listen to us argue over the details
  • Just put out a show!



165: Hope you had a great summer!

PAB People – Nicest bunch o’ folk you’ll find


  • Kinda the last of the old season, to get you ready for season 6!
  • Ottawa got so PAB’d up, there was an earthquake
  • You know,
  • There’s almost no point to making show notes.
  • We’re just rambling.. not really saying much…..
  • Oo! We had submitted audio! Pab travel stories from Daniele Rossi and Scarborough Dude
  • You know, listening to this now, maybe this should have stayed in the can.. Man can  we babble..
  • It’s post-PAB talk, and it’s nice to hear Mark & Bob together again – enjoy!
  • Thanks to Bob’s 2007 Podcamp Toronto session attendees for sounds effects


  • Lots of new shows added, make sure yours is there!
  • We’re taking breathing exercises, so we can announce all the new shows