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177: What are you wearing when you podcast?

Mark and Bob, Completely Nude

Bob and Mark, Podcasting in the Nude

Prompted by an audio comment from Stephane Deschenes, Mark and Bob explore the concept of nude podcasting, and political and social ramifications thereof. Have YOU ever podcasted nude? Let us know!


  • Recorded out of sequence, just before the Podcamp Toronto show aired last week
  • Adding an archive section to
  • Our Podcamp Toronto impressions
  • Quicktime streams don’t work on iPad, what?
  • The CastRoller guys jog, we don’t.
  • The delayed-audio-comment apology
  • Bob’s microphone selection journey Updates


  • Dates: June 24-26, 2011
  • Location: National Arts Centre, Ottawa
  • Theme: Your story deserves to be told. Well.
  • Thanks for all the proposals! We look forward to going through them. The deadline for  accepting proposals for speaking sessions and JOLTS! WAS March 15th, but if you Email your proposal to [email protected] before this friday March 18th, we might not notice you were late.



Photo: Took Bob WAY too much time. His realm is audio, not graphics.

176: A state of mind

Montreal podcaster Sylvain Grand’maison brings us on a virtual experience at PodCamp Toronto 2011, including a plethora of voices (some party-ravaged) from the weekend. Listen for insights into creativity as a muscle and state of mind, and join a spontaneous gathering to discuss social media douchebag-mayors (Douchebag Darwinism).



  • Dates: June 24-26, 2011
  • Location: National Arts Centre, Ottawa
  • Theme: Your story deserves to be told. Well.
  • Now accepting proposals for speaking sessions and JOLTS! Email your proposal to [email protected]. Deadline for submissions is March 15, 2011. Keep reading…

We are accepting session and JOLT! proposals for PAB2011 until March 15, 2011. Submissions that will be given the most weight are those that present unique skills, challenge new media producers to think beyond current norms and share ideas on the story experience for creators and their audiences. Presentations can focus on both soft and technical skills for text, audio and video productions and CANNOT be used to sell a product or service, or launch a business venture. They are meant to get people thinking, talking and connecting.

Speaking sessions have a 20 minute time limit with additional time for Q&A. JOLTS! are timed five-minute talkswhich put new ideas into the community for innovation in content, production, tools and activities (real and virtual). This is a chance for someone to inspire the community or make a pitch to collaborate to improve upon an existing idea or tool, or launch a new one.

Presenters are given free registration to PAB2011, though they are responsible for their own travel and accommodations. JOLT speakers receive no compensation.

If you are interested in being part of the speaking program at this year’s event, please submit a text proposal of 150 words, or an audio or video proposal of two-minutes or less to [email protected]



Photo: Sylvain Grand’maison speaking at PAB2010 (photo by Alexa Clark)