2 thoughts on “235 – Calgary’s Best

  1. Hi Guys,

    Glad to hear a new voice on the show. However, I deeply disagree with Scarbourgh Dude’s comment’s as someone who feels outside the circle of the chosen few. For me it’s not that I want to do it on my own. I feel that if you started post 2008 (even though i’ve been participating in podcasting since 2005) I feel like you’re doomed to obscurity because the podcast community was really built when the group was in it’s early days. Now that it’s gotten bigger I feel most people feel alienated because there is an already esablished clique. Mind you there are things you can do to help alievate that issue. You can go to meetups or conventions/ conferences. But I think I will forever be know as friend to other podcastsers (and not one myself). I think once new podcasts are promoted on the buffet as promised it might lessen this issue. I’m sorry for complaining, but this is an issue pretty close to my heart (or a thorn in my craw so to speak). Maybe I should take a step back from this show and just lurk anonymously.

    I wrote about the issue on my podcast page/ blog linked below:

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